Mobile Website Design – Websites for Smartphones and Tablets

Within last few decades, the number of mobile users has immensely raised. The development in technology of smartphones, which are more of a pocket PC device has added more to this growth. This is the reason that mobile platform is becoming one of the preferred sources for businesses to pitch their customers and impress them. Hence, the trends of mobile marketing and M-commerce are getting popular day by day. The major reason behind this transformation is the idea and opportunity of conveying information to the targeted audiences directly without any other medium. This has introduced the concept of mobile website design and has made it one of the most significant things to do in the entire field of digital marketing solutions. Mobile website design is an important aspect for businesses to promote their business as each of the multimedia handset users or smartphone users can get access to internet in their mobiles. The general websites of companies, which are meant for PC browser, cannot open well in the mobile screens. Hence, there comes a need for lighter webpage that can appear properly in the mobile browser. Therefore a lighter version of website is created for website. This process in famous as mobile website design and it.

In the aggressive phase of market competition having online websites has become an urgent need for businesses and it has made easier for them to grow their business. Special benefits of mobile website design:

Mobile website is the perfect and interesting way to reach to dedicated customers of a company. The number of mobile users is increasing everyday and this is the best way to catch their attention.

This is one of the most intelligent online marketing techniques, which can certainly offer amazing growth to a business in terms of reputation building and profit making.

This is one of the most perfect ways to throw a challenge to excessively increasing market competition. This is one of the finest ways to earn reputation, money and trust for your company. Website design is the company, which is a leading name in the field of website design, development and online marketing process. We are a perfect firm to provide our clients with a brilliant range of mobile website design solutions. We are dedicated to serve our customers with following special benefits:

Well planned and smartly executed mobile web design and development

Cost effective prices yet brilliant solutions

Complete client support pre and post sales

Social Media Marketing services

Social media is the most preferred platform for business promotion nowadays. This is one such sort of medium that connects people swiftly making it easier for them to do businesses. All the companies no matter big or small, are being aware of the amazing benefits that they can get through social media marketing. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Linked

In etc. are the major pages, which are opted by most of the business firms to get in touch with each other, expand business, enhance reputation and reduce challenges of business. This is perfect source of connecting with bulk of targeted audience without investing a huge amount of funds. Marketing through social media has become most preferred and innovative way of promoting businesses and making them grow effectively. It is cost effective way of promoting a business and this is the reason that it is being preferred on wider scale.

Apart from making personal life of every individual networked properly, role of such social pages is very crucial in the process of offering the businesses with supreme level of growth. Top benefits of SMM:

Social media marketing is the source of growth and development for businesses in terms of revenue generation, reputation building and strengthening the brand name. Social networks are intelligent platforms that make it easier for businesses to pitch their targeted customers easily.

This is a huge and vast platform, where each type of people are available just at the distance of one click. Interlinking of business pages with businesses helps the companies to grow faster, connect with each other quickly, share ideas, offer information and much more.

This is perfect source of business development. The companies looking to accomplish their central dream of having a well-established and rapidly growing business can achieve this with the help of modern age social media marketing solutions. In the field of SMM, Web Design excels in serving its customers effectively. We have a dedicated team of social media marketing personnel having complete knowledge about modern trends of social network marketing. We offer all these solutions on cost effective prices and make sure that each of our clients get complete satisfaction with us.

The specialties of our solutions include: Well planned social media marketing tactics and their excellent implementation

Innovative ideas to make businesses grow effectively

Complete competition analysis and laying down plans as per that

Complete support to clients

Link Building services

The process of internet marketing is intelligent and vast. It has various dimensions and each of them has special features associated with it. Talking about link building process, which is the idea of building a strong network of any business firm to accomplish the motive of increasing traffic on the website. This process helps the companies to build a strong customer base, which leads to high brand reputation and augmented profits. The process of link building is very tricky and it requires a lot of strategy making to create quality back links to the website, which are authentic and can form a strong network band for a business to grow effectively.

This process is the central idea of increasing network of any business and connecting it with targeted customers, visitors and businesses. Hence, building link is very significant way of business development. Generally, the process of link building is done through content generation, development and management. Apart from this, the advertisements and other social pages are used as the medium to generate back links to the main website to a particular company. This is becoming one of the perfect ways to increased business reach.

But, link building procedure is not as simple as it seems. It needs proper strategy creation and its effective implementation to ensure supreme and Do-Follow back links, which bring authentic traffic on your website. Hence, role of professionals is very important in this field. Significance of link building in business growth:

In the field of online marketing, link building plays a very vital role. It is the helpful method for the businesses to grow their network and enhance the level of traffic on their webpage. Link building process plays a very vital role in building good rank in SERPs.

This is one of the perfect ideas to make a business grow with leaps and bounds. This process is cost effective and yet comes with brilliant results. Generating quality back-links help you in achieving excellent position in the marketplace as these links are effective to increase S

EO friendliness of your website. It helps in dealing with competition and increase reputation level of a business. We at Web Design, make sure that we serve you with supreme range of link building solutions. The excellent range of solutions offered by us makes us stand apart from the competitors.

The specialties of our solutions include:

Well researched strategies to offer completely excellent link building

Complete technical support to our clients

Client oriented solutions

Personalized link building solutions for our clients

Cheap Web Design and Templates

Templates are a tool for low cost web design because they save both time and money to the end user, with proper selection anyone can maintain a professional looking site that operates like one as well.  When choosing a template it is important that you choose a template that matches the feel of your site, colors are an important tool in design since they can subconsciously alter the mood of your visitors.  Another important aspect of color is to consider the contrast of the text and the background image, text is always easier to read when they are visible and legible in the first place.  The background should not draw attention away from the main content of your site, and as such it would be best to stay away from using photos as backgrounds.  The presence of a photo in your background makes the page load slowly and to most people it’s a sign of immature amateurism on a website (much like a Myspace page). Please go to for reading full article.

Being a web designer is a mix between art and science much like clock maker, and as a clockmaker one should avoid putting too many unnecessary parts on a time piece.  When choosing a template it’s best to look for one that offers space for a navigation menu on each and every page to make browsing your site a quick and simple ordeal.  Drop down menus should be looked into when possible however a well designed plain text system is just as effective.  Avoid templates that frame the entire site, this disables the people visiting your site from using the navigational buttons on their internet browsers; worse yet it makes it impossible to find specific pages on your site from a search engine.  Always maintain a balance between functionality and aesthetics, in my opinion a plain looking site that has a good layout is much better than an over the top flash animated website.  To me flash laden sites scream “look at me don’t you think this is cool”, and often fail to give me enough information; whereas a plain looking site with easy navigation and lots of easy to read text gives me all the information I need in a simple easy to read fashion.  Going with the simple site also reaches a larger population of people world wide where the internet and computer capabilities are not always the fastest or smoothest, and in the end it is the cheapest web design.

Magento Ecommerce Store Development

Web Designs is only one of the technologies driven company who has started to work on Magento and our largest clients to the worldwide has swallow our Magento store Customization Services. We have more than 50 developers who are proficient and quick understanding knowledge of new technology and at this time 13 Magento developer are working on Magento Ecommerce Store Development.

We offer Hire Magento Developer, Magento programmers, Magento E-commerce designers to custom Magento template design, Magento store theme design, and Magento E-commerce Web Development. Our Magento programmers and Magento online store developers, Magento E-commerce designer help to draw your business to the top level and you can feel different from your competitor.

We also provide you best Magento Ecommerce Customization services for your business with your exact needs which is the best. In today’s E-commerce world of business and technology, we desire to integrate these two significant and make a progressive store which helps in your online camping.

We work with individual clients, large organizations and web design agencies in offering a complete Magento Ecommerce Store Development Service. As an Magento Store Development Service provider we are passionate about Magento, the web, usability, accessibility and striking design. If there’s anyone who has the right credentials for making your online store a reality, it’s us.

We have vast experience to develop Magento E-commerce Website, Magento shopping cart website. Through our Magento Services you will get user-friendly, SEO friendly ecommerce store where you can get start up your online business with more power and robustness, reliable and profitable. You can make your online business easily. High level customization services and integration latest function and more business features convert your business into bunch of customers.

We are Magento Experts and provide custom Magento services to the globe. If you need any type of Magento services as well as Magento store design, redesign, Magento E-commerce Store Development, Magento template design, Magento store theme design and Hire Magento designers, Magento developers then Please Contact us for more details or send your project details at our email.

6 Website Metrics Every Organization Should Track

It is essential to monitor your website’s performance and ROI. Doing so assures that you know the value your website is providing your organization, and what areas need improvement.

When it comes to monitoring and tracking website performance and ROI, there are six main metrics you should be monitoring and tracking. Using Google Analytics (Free), a spreadsheet (or CRM), a simple contact form (I use Contact Form 7), a lead capture tool, and Crazy Egg ($9 per month), you can monitor all six metrics.

Here are the six website metrics every business should monitor and track:

(1) Traffic

There are 3 main traffic metrics to keep an eye on. All three of these can be tracked using Google Analytics:

Total Visitors: how many total visits a website receives (regardless of unique individuals).

Unique Visitors: the number of distinct individuals visiting a webpage within a certain amount of time, without no regard for number of times they visit the site.

Traffic Source: the source where your website traffic is coming from.

By monitoring the above three traffic metrics, I know (a) how many people are visiting my website, (b) if I am getting enough traffic or not, and (c) what traffic source is most effective and profitable (i.e. email, Facebook, another website, direct, etc.).

(2) Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who visit your website and then leave after viewing only one page. This metric can also be tracked inside Google Analytics.

If your bounce rate is high, this means people aren’t staying on your website long. This is a problem. You want potential customers staying on your website, engaging with the content, and taking your desired action.

Incorporating a blog with useful content is one way to go about lowering bounce rate. Think about creating blog posts, videos, infographics, and other types of content that your potential customers will find useful and want to read.

(3) Where are people clicking (and not clicking)?

Using Crazy Egg (heatmaps and scrollmaps), you can see what parts of your website people are clicking, viewing, and not clicking.

This is great in determining which parts of your website is most clicked, viewed, and which parts of your site users think are links. Tracking your site’s heatmap and scrollmap allows you to redesign your site in a way that is intuitive and enjoyable for customers and users.

(4) Leads

By incorporating a lead capture form and contact form, you can easily double your lead generation from your website. Use the lead capture form for future buyers, use the contact form for prospects who are ready to buy now. Track total leads generated each month and each year in a simple spreadsheet. (I use Google Drive for this.)

For lead capture I use LeadPages. For the contact form I use contact form 7.

(5) Revenue

Ultimately, you want your website to be a revenue-producing asset for your organization – whether that comes in the form of qualified leads that turn into sales, direct sales, or donations accepted online.

If you accept payments online, you can track this through your merchant account. Otherwise, use QuickBooks, your CRM, or a spreadsheet to track revenue from your website.

(6) Return on Investment (ROI)

ROI is one of the chief metrics in business. It tells you what parts of your business are producing a positive return for your organization and which ones aren’t. Be sure to track the amount of money you invest in your website, and the financial return it provides your organization.